Welcome to my personal fundraising page!   
Please help me reach my fun
draising goal for this very important cause. 

#WhyIWFO This is why I walk.  I am walking because this year the money raised will go to research on REGAIN.  That is where I am right now in my life, struggling with regain.  It takes time to lose weight and to have the support from the WFO, helps all of us dealing with our chronic disease of obesity and regain.   Thank you for helping me reach my fundraising goal of $300 for this very important cause.  Now help me go over that goal to continue to support Obesity research.

The ASMBS Foundation's Walk from Obesity is the only national walkathon event that brings together those who are directly affected by the disease of obesity. My participation in this event is key to raising funds and drawing attention to the disease of obesity and the need for more research, education, and awareness efforts.  

How does money raised help individuals affected by obesity and why should you give to this cause?

Research. Increases the understanding (scientific & medical) of obesity, and improves quality of treatment. Over the past 20 years treatment has improved in part due to research.

Education.  Improves the medical communities understanding of obesity and provides physicians with the knowledge and tools to effectively treat patients.

Awareness. Improves the public understanding of obesity as a disease and allows for the chance to educate individuals on effective treatments and prevention plans. 

By supporting my efforts for the ASMBS Foundation, you too can make a difference in the fight against obesity!  Through research and education, we are able to better understand this disease and how to combat it. Make a donation today!  All donations are tax-deductible as the ASMBS Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. 

Thank you for your support!