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My name is Amber Olson and I am a weight-loss patient and second-year medical student at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. I struggled my entire life from the disease of obesity, and now I am on a mission to give back.  

I have viscerally experienced the perspective of a patient with obesity in our healthcare system: the defeat after being repeatedly told to exercise more and eat less, the embarrassment after being stared at all the time, and the shame after being squeezed into chairs, blood pressure cuffs, gowns, and tables. I eventually developed high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic. I had high aspirations of going to medical school and becoming a physician, but I was sick. 

During college,  I was fortunate to lose over 100 pounds. Obesity took a full year to overcome, as I went through several periods of weight gain and stagnant weight loss. But in the end, my story was featured in The Forefront, UChicago Medicineā€™s magazine. Now, as a second-year medical student at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, my journey provides a unique blueprint that I will continue to reference to improve obesity treatment and advocate for a more inclusive environment for individuals with obesity.

The ASMBS Foundation's Walk from Obesity is the only national walkathon event that brings together those who are directly affected by obesity. My participation in this event is key to raising funds and drawing attention to the disease of obesity and the need for more research, education, and awareness. Obesity is a disease that affects more individuals today than 20 years ago.  Like cancer or heart disease, obesity is a combination of environment, genetics, and lifestyle, and if left untreated could be deadly. Obesity can also lead to other health issues.  By supporting the ASMBS Foundation you are helping to improve the public understanding of obesity and giving a chance to educate individuals on effective treatment and prevention plans. Your support also helps to improve the understanding of obesity in the scientific and medical fields. Through research and education, we are able to better understand this disease and how to combat it.

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