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Maryellen Morey

Team Captain Robiwan Connecticut - 2022 Walk from Obesity

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My brother Rob had been fighting obesity for most of his life. He was my biggest fan, and I was a hero to him. Although he was born three years before me, he was always my little brother.

I created this team, and signed up for this event in honor of my little brother. He passed away August 2021 from bloodclots due to hus immobility and weight. He was trying to get better, but couldn't do it on his own. Once he began to walk and make the right choices his primary Healthcare providers let him down telling him his issues were solely due to his weight.

I'm doing the best i can for him. Every time I began to feel nervous, he would tell me "you can do anything." He watched me change my life in ways I never thought possible. Although my dreams have always been small, he could make me feel like I could knock down mountains. 

Above all else, I'm going to miss his kind heart and ever lasting support. 

Please help me feel the love and support I'm missing now that he's not physically here anymore.


Thank you for your wonderful support!