Rob has been fighting obesity for most of his life. He was my biggest fan, and I was a hero to him. Although he was born three years before me, he was always my little brother.

I created this team, and signed up for this event in honor of my "little brother." He passed away overnight on August 13, 2021 from a blood clot that traveled from his leg, into his lung. He was trying to get healthier, and couldn't do it on his own. 

Now I'm going to do it for him, like we had planned. Every time I began to feel nervous,  he would tell me "you can do anything." He watched me change my life in ways I never thought possible. Although my dreams have always been small, he made me feel like I could knock down mountains. 

Above all else, I'm going to miss his kind heart and ever lasting support. 

He was a great person to be around and had the ability to make anyone laugh at his inappropriate jokes. He was an uncle to seven, and had a special relationship with each one of them. 

Everyone who knew Rob, knew he wanted to make changes in his lifestyle for the better, but he lacked the ability to do it on his own. They also knew he was a kind-hearted funny man. He spent most of his time playing video games and talking to people through the game as they had adventure after adventure together.  Rob would try to teach others how to accomplish things in the games that came easy to him. He spent many hours discovering things in games others would overlook. Then he would share those secrets with the people who he played alongside. 



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The ASMBS Foundation's Walk from Obesity is the only national walkathon event that brings together those who are directly affected by obesity. Our team is taking a step by raising funds and drawing attention to obesity and the need for treatment and prevention efforts.

Will you take a step with us?  We need your help to reach our fundraising and participation goal! Please join our team or make a donation today.  Any amount is welcome and all donations are tax deductible!

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